Our high school is one of the most reputable learning institutions in the entire France.

Our courses go in a wide plethora of directions – students will be advised according to their hobbies and skills.

While we are a high school and not a university, we tend to borrow some of the learning principles available in high education. When they leave high school, most students have no idea what they want to do. With us, everything is different, as we help them decide on their future in an interactive way – what could be better than that?

Our social courses are based on a plethora of different subjects and topics. They involve lots of communication and written skills.

Obviously, each course come with its top requirements, but overall, they lead in the same direction. Students can make the right decision based on personal preferences.

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Computer science is among our most popular courses – in a world exposed to so much technology, everyone wants to be part of it.

This is probably the most interactive course that I have ever attended. I love how easy it is to understand – professors know exactly how to do it for everyone to get it.

Thomas McKenzie

Computer science classes vary in subjects and topics – from electromechanics and programming to web courses and software development.

Art education is diversified and may include music, painting and other similar activities. Students are encouraged to follow their dreams and improve their skills.
  • Help in identifying hobbies and passions.
  • Tailored courses and classes.
  • Practical activities.
  • A solid base for further education.

Discover what art involves and how we can make our students' dreams come true. Join a world of passion and entertainment.

A career in the medical field is among the most rewarding ones. It makes no difference if you count financial rewards, feelings or emotions. However, getting there is a tedious way that will take hard work and lots of education.

Whether you want to be a doctor, a nurse or another specialist, you will need years of training, as well as superior education. We will get you ready for what is about to come – we will give you a solid base to make everything else easier.

Getting into the medical field involves a plethora of different courses. Many of them are related to biology and anatomy. Of course, as you grow older and gain more education, things will be even more detailed, but we will take care of your base.

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All About Thai Amulets

The religion plays a major role for Buddhist in the Thailand population like what they will do, their everyday life and who are they. One way is via collection of amulets & ornaments they project their confidence. But are they working?

You will find Amulets everywhere, in someone’s neck, for sales in temple, or there will be full bunch of amulets hanging in a taxi’s rear mirror view, during your vacation in Thailand, there is no denying you would be already aware about Buddhist amulets. Nevertheless, they are much more than fashion statement for Thais.

What these Thai Amulets look like? It may be the image of a popular monk, Buddha, or a deity, but Thai’s believe that it’s not only fortunate, they can also be healthy, bring wealth, and fend off ghost. They are widespread across the entire spectrum of Thai Buddhists, from kids to the elderly, rich & poor alike, & have not declined in vogue over years. However, the prime question is that, do they really work?

Since we cannot clarify the complexities of the world, it is tough to answer a conclusive question like that. Based on who are you asking; however, the responses will change. The thinking of mental piece or stone affecting one ‘s life, to the atheist, may seem ludicrous. But to newlywed who pin their victory in finding woman, a god synonymous with love, on their new amulet portray Trimurti? That is all the evidence he wants.

Their continued success among the population means that they are doing something fair, although cynics may argue that this is purely down to immense profit which can be produced in the trading of amulets. It is irrelevant that either the amulets are working and giving positive result or not. If, when wearing it, it gives you secured feeling if you are wearing it, healthy and strong, then surely that’s as great as magical powers would be. It’s all about what you trust & you’ll be told by millions of Buddhist in Thai that they’re working, and they help you in every step of your life.

Amulets are not one of Thailand’s only superstitious feature. The faith of the Thai people in specter can govern their behavior, such as prohibiting whistling, while they are even said to have lottery numbers. Thai people also believe, like the amulets, that their popular LP Toh Somdej can bring special powers to the wearers, just as being shielded from damage or preparing them tempt to opposite sex. Based on the days, such activities are even prohibited. For instance, haircuts on a Wednesday are said as bad luck, so many saloons are shut on Wednesday

Find A Lost Phone

Few years back, it was impossible to track your phone, if lost but things have changed with Smart Phone. A smart phone is a mobile phone that performs many of the functions of computer. A smart phone typically got a touchscreen, Internet access, and an operating system capable of downloading many applications and able to run these applications as well. They usually have a powerful CPU, more storage space, more RAM, greater connectivity options and a larger screen than a regular phone. Smartphones run on any one of these popular operating systems such as Android, iOS and Windows OS.

A smart phone is a precious for the owner as one keeps all personal and official data stored in mobile. They may even contain password stored. So, it is not only about the price but also about your personal data and hence the users need to take care with much attention. Being a small device, it is easy to lose it while traveling or while eating it outside. As they are costly and have good reselling price, smart phones get stolen by thieves as well. So, users should follow some steps to keep their mobile phones intact.

Though one can take extra care to keep mobile phones safe from thieves, but it is best to use the technology to safeguard it. Every smart phone enabled with GPS tracking system and this helps to track your lost mobile phones. It is the most ultramodern technology and it will help users to find the lost mobile within few hours. You just need to enter the mobile number and Géolocalisation par GPS will help to scan the entire area through private satellite and display the exact phone location in Google Map format.

In addition to GPS tracking system, tracking software also available for phone users. Either you can enter your mobile phone number directly on to the browser of that software or else download the software directly on to the mobile phone. Just you need to register to make a search and you will get the details of your lost mobile phone as soon as you enter your mobile number. It is possible for you to get live monitoring of movements and movement routes of lost smartphones.

With the assistance of the upgraded technology, you can get exact location easily where the phone is kept and it is really handy and useful for guys to find the lost smart phones without facing any hazards.

Amazing Attractions in Malaysia

For many centuries, Malaysia was a cross road for trading the materials, traditions and as well as ideas. Malaysia is one of the best destination to spend the holidays in Asia. The travelers who wants to relax and stimulate the different culture will find that the Malaysia offers perfect blend of scenic coastline as well as exotic street life. Malaysia has got everything within it ranging from the mountain ranges to beautiful beaches and few historical temples which are highly attractive in the country.

Malaysia is a country on move despite of this rapid growth, it keeps the welcoming atmosphere as it is. Some of the must to visit places in Malaysia are:

Kuala Lumper is the bustling capital city of Malaysia. KL is the proof that the country is developing to achieve the industrialization. The city is famous for the Petronas Twin Towers, the tallest twin tower in the world. yet there are few places like Merdeka Square, visit the beautiful marble mosque Masjid Jamek  and enjoy the exotic night life of the city as it is a hotspot for many clubs and bars. The visitors will often enjoy the night by playing at https://casinoreviews.my/champion188-review/

Where Kuala Lumpur is a place of present and future of Malaysia, Melaka is the past of Malaysia. the virtual museum, old town will make place pleasant and peaceful. In Dutch Square, one can find the past crimson buildings. Taman Negara National Park is located at the center of peninsula. Taman Negara is the only remaining rain forest in Malaysia. even though the larger animals such as elephants, leopards, tigers and rhinos are rarely seen there are plenty of beautiful birds to be seen.

Penang island remains as a highlight in Malaysia because of the combination of beautiful coastlines and the cultural center of Georgetown. George town as got open air markets and bunch of local food hawkers. The luxurious hotels that is lined at the north coast of Penang are perfect place for those who likes the convenience and creature comforts. Mount Kinabalu is located at the island of Borneo. If you like hiking the mountain then surely you have a chance for trekking around the mountain, before planning to trek make sure that you are fit enough for it.

There are yet more attractions to be seen in Malaysia. The trip to Malaysia will be thrilling with all the adventures. Malaysia will satisfy the needs of every kind of traveler.

Singapore Grand Prix

Just like any other motor race, the Singapore Grand Prix is one that is organized as a yearly sports event in the country. It has now become a part of the calendar of the FIA Formula One World Championship. The first race ever organized was won by Fernando Alonso who is a Spanish driver for the Renault F1 team. Currently the race is held in the area of Marina Bay. It has been recognized as the first night race ever organized by Formula One. Let us take a closer look at this Singapore Grand Prix.

The Singapore Grand Prix that was organised last year had a circuit that was re-profiled slightly with a modification of the turns 1, 2 and 3 in order to assist in overtaking. Modifications were also done at turn 10 where high curbs resulted in a lot of accidents in the past. The round of 15 of the FIA Formula One Championship was held here.

It was held during the night and meant that for the first time European fans could watch it at a time convenient for them. It would interest you to know that in order to match the course’s shape; a number of projectors were used to illuminate it which made the place very appealing.

The sponsorship of the event was cofounded by the Government of Singapore which footed 60% of the entire bill while Singapore Telecommunications would also provide additional sponsorship. For the first Formula One race in the country there are a total of 110,000 tickets for this race. In the end, the race witnessed a complete sell-out for all of its tickets. Keeping the high demand in mind, https://bet888win.net/sportsbook/ also announced 200 complimentary tickets to premium member of the club. What this means is that the motor race event is witnessing a tremendous amount of patronage in the country.

Apart from S. Vettel who won the race in the year 2019, there was another winner in 2019. This was C. Leclerc who was driving Ferrari. It would interest you to know that there have been some concerns raised about the Singapore Grand Prix. The Malaysian government complained that the proximity of the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia which also hosts the Malaysian Grand Prix and is about 300 km from Singapore would offer some form of damaging competition. These concerns were however resolved later. This race was previously known as the Orient Year Grand Prix.

Exotic Singapore Tourism

When we talk about Singapore the first thing that comes to our mind that is it is one of the fines country located at the top most point of Malaysia in the South eastern parts of Asia. In fact, to day it has achieved lots of importance in terms of both economy as well as the scenic beauty. Today the tourism of Singapore is the latest topic of discussion. The tourism widely portrays their enriched culture that clearly states the indulgence of various other cultures like India, Arab , Malay and the Chinese too.

Geography has also contributed a lot in the making of Singapore. It has bestowed an eco friendly atmosphere that has maintained a good harmony between the nature and its people. The best part is that Singapore has been rated in the list of the decent countries where the rate of crime is also very less. Once you visit there, you would see that undergo various types of programs pertaining to the conservation of the natural heritage.

Singapore TourismThe residents generally prefer to communicate in local language to the tourists so that the outsiders feel eased out especially while doing the shopping. This is again one of the best qualities of the people residing over there. Whenever you visit, do not forget to step into one of the great-multistoried shopping plaza called the Orchard district. It even includes hotels as well.

Another thing that you will love to go is sauntering down the zoos of Singapore during the night and exploring the diverse wildlife pertaining to the African , American. The best thing about them is that there you would not see any partition means you can interact with the wild life without any hindrances. The Singapore zoo believes in open zoo notion where the animals are not tamed by any kind of the cages rather they are kept open to mingle with the nature. However, they are kept in a segregated way from the visitors.

You can even become a part of the flamingoes for this you need to visit the Jurong Bird Park. It is one of the avid zoological gardens, which concentrate on focusing a prolific array of birds of various flavors. You should also take the opportunity to visit the south of Singapore that consists of the Sentosa, which again is one of the great tourists’ attractions.

Some other places, which you can visit, are the Fort sentosa, Fort Siloso. In addition to this, you should also visit the beautiful resorts of Singapore Resorts World Sentosa and the Marina Bay sands if you have interest in sportsbook Singapore. The statistics revealed that 20% has increased in the total population in the year 2020 compared to the previous years. This is a positive rise but the stat discards the Malaysian tourists because they mainly enter through the second link. No doubt Singapore is a beautiful country that shows outstanding blend of various colors that defines country’s rich heritage. This season do definitely visit Sinagpore with your family and friends.

Lycee Jean Rostand Roubaix

Lycee Jean Rostand Roubaix is one of the leading high schools in France, as well as the primary option for potential students in the area. With a plethora of courses and a different approach to life, the high school gets youngsters ready for superior education and flourishing careers. Our options are extremely diversified.

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