Our high school is one of the most reputable learning institutions in the entire France.

Our courses go in a wide plethora of directions – students will be advised according to their hobbies and skills.

While we are a high school and not a university, we tend to borrow some of the learning principles available in high education. When they leave high school, most students have no idea what they want to do. With us, everything is different, as we help them decide on their future in an interactive way – what could be better than that?

Our social courses are based on a plethora of different subjects and topics. They involve lots of communication and written skills.

Obviously, each course come with its top requirements, but overall, they lead in the same direction. Students can make the right decision based on personal preferences.

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Computer science is among our most popular courses – in a world exposed to so much technology, everyone wants to be part of it.

This is probably the most interactive course that I have ever attended. I love how easy it is to understand – professors know exactly how to do it for everyone to get it.

Thomas McKenzie

Computer science classes vary in subjects and topics – from electromechanics and programming to web courses and software development.

Art education is diversified and may include music, painting and other similar activities. Students are encouraged to follow their dreams and improve their skills.
  • Help in identifying hobbies and passions.
  • Tailored courses and classes.
  • Practical activities.
  • A solid base for further education.

Discover what art involves and how we can make our students' dreams come true. Join a world of passion and entertainment.

A career in the medical field is among the most rewarding ones. It makes no difference if you count financial rewards, feelings or emotions. However, getting there is a tedious way that will take hard work and lots of education.

Whether you want to be a doctor, a nurse or another specialist, you will need years of training, as well as superior education. We will get you ready for what is about to come – we will give you a solid base to make everything else easier.

Getting into the medical field involves a plethora of different courses. Many of them are related to biology and anatomy. Of course, as you grow older and gain more education, things will be even more detailed, but we will take care of your base.

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Lycee Jean Rostand Roubaix

Lycee Jean Rostand Roubaix is one of the leading high schools in France, as well as the primary option for potential students in the area. With a plethora of courses and a different approach to life, the high school gets youngsters ready for superior education and flourishing careers. Our options are extremely diversified.

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The management is split into multiple branches for a more efficient organization – students have access to various branches based on their courses.

The management is known for having a tight collaboration with students in the attempt to ensure a good educational environment. There is guidance, as well as counseling for students who feel like they need a hand.


Our library at Lycee Jean Rostand Roubaix has everything our students may require to complete their courses.

Sure, we encourage students to go even further and research online or from other sources. But for what we require, chances are our library will manage. There are thousands of titles, as well as many books brought in per request.

Our students

Our students represent our core. Simply put, our high school would not be here without having such a dedicated group.

Unfortunately, we cannot take everyone over, so there are occasional contests to let new students in. They are then directed further to other sections.

Researching department

We know – you would expect to see a research department in a university, rather than a high school in a less known area of France.

Here at Lycee Jean Rostand Roubaix, we strive to push further. We keep moving. This is not the average high school down the street, but one of the reputable institutions that will make students' life easier with a good base.