Lycee Jean Rostand Roubaix

Lycee Jean Rostand Roubaix has adopted a growing path since the moment it was established, only to become a front running institution in France.

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Mission and goals

Lycee Jean Rostand Roubaix has been established to take teaching to a new level. Courses are chosen with the students' needs and passions in mind.

We are not just trying to get students ready for superior education, but we do half the job as well. We create educational courses according to their skills, only to ensure they get proper training for their future careers.

  • We assess students' needs first.
  • We analyze students' skills and aptitudes.
  • We take students' passions into consideration.
  • We tailor our courses to students' needs.
  • We get them ready for college.

How we got to this philosophy

Our philosophy has changed overtime. Initially, Lycee Jean Rostand Roubaix was just a learning institution. With time, we realized that what works for some students will definitely fail to work for everyone else.

With these aspects in mind, we understand that every student needs tailored courses. Our classrooms are small and barely put 15 students together. They share common passions and skills. We get them ready for college based on things they can do, as well as things they want to do. We know it is a modern approach, but we also know that it represents what sets Lycee Jean Rostand Roubaix apart. Our high school is different, hence its popularity. We believe it is pointless to overfill our students' heads with useless information.



Our courses tend to change on a regular basis.

students a year

It represents a limited number due to our current capacity.


We have a bunch of professional teachers with years of experience.

years of experience

While the actual institution is older, our new approach is around a decade old.

How we reached this philosophy

At some point, you probably ask yourself – why does Lycee Jean Rostand Roubaix follow this successful philosophy when other learning institutions stick to old fashioned methods? The answer is quite simple – we believe in innovation.

Things are different these days. When we were children, we played with toys. We went outside and played ball. We had no access to technology. Kids these days can operate a smartphone or a tablet when they are two or three years old. They are smarter and more open minded. At the same time, with so much access to information, they know what to do in life. This is what changed our professional approach. Times and people change, so old fashioned teaching solutions are no longer practicable, hence the necessity of a new idea.